Japan’s banana boost leaves Thai growers going ape

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Thai banana growers are going ape over the news that Japan is considering increasing the import quota of Thai bananas, potentially adding a bunch of up to 100,000 tonnes.

This announcement came after a fruitful meeting at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in Tokyo, Japan, where the Thai Trade Representative, Naruemon Phinyosinwat, alongside the Thailand team, held discussions with Ryosuke Ogawa, the Japanese Vice Minister for Agriculture.

The Thai Trade Representative revealed that during the meeting, a request was made for Japan to expand the import quota of Thailand’s Golden Fragrant bananas, which was close to being exhausted at the existing limit of 8,000 tonnes. The proposed 100,000-tonne quota would enable Thai bananas to be imported into Japan duty-free under the Japan-Thailand Economic Partnership Agreement (JTEPA).

Ogawa expressed his support and agreed to present the proposal to the Japanese government for further consideration and to pass it on to the relevant authorities for action. He also praised the taste of Thai fruits, particularly expressing surprise and admiration for the delicious Thai bananas, having previously only experienced other tasty Thai fruits.

In addition to discussing banana quotas, the Thai representative sought Japanese support for publicising and promoting two significant events: the International Horticultural Exhibition in Udon Thani province, scheduled for 2026, and the bid for the A1 category International Horticultural Exposition in Nakhon Ratchasima province in 2029. If Thailand secures the right to host these events, Japan is warmly invited to participate.

Furthermore, gratitude was expressed towards Japan for allowing the importation of Thai mangosteens under alternative measures that do not require fumigation. The Thai side reaffirmed its commitment to strictly adhere to the conditions set forth and requested assistance in promoting the consumption of mangosteens, dubbed the Queen of Thai Fruits, among Japanese consumers, reported KhaoSod.

This development signifies a deepening of agricultural and trade relations between Thailand and Japan, providing a potential boost to Thailand’s agricultural sector and expanding the presence of Thai fruits in the Japanese market.

The increased quota for banana imports could translate into significant economic benefits for Thai farmers and exporters, while the successful organisation of the horticultural events could further enhance Thailand’s reputation as a producer of high-quality fruits and vegetables on the international stage.

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