Indonesia: Taiwanese found dead after boat accident

Photo courtesy of Bangkok Post

A Taiwanese citizen has been discovered lifeless following a boat accident near Jakarta, Indonesia.

In the waters off Indonesia’s capital Jakarta, tragedy struck when a passenger boat, carrying 35 individuals, capsized near the Kepulauan Seribu area. Amidst the chaos, all but one were swiftly rescued, leaving authorities scrambling to locate the missing Taiwanese passport holder.

The Taiwanese man was identified as 48 year old Shi Yi, reported Bangkok Post.

Agung, head of the rescue team stated that the body was found not far from the location of the capsized boat.

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In related news, Thai police coordinated with the Cambodian authorities to arrest a Thai woman at a casino in Poipet City on February 27 for her involvement in the murder of a Taiwanese man. It is reported that three Taiwanese suspects are currently evading capture in Cambodia, while another has returned to Taiwan.

An employee at Suvarnabhumi International Airport discovered the dead body of the Taiwanese man, 44 year old Shih Mou Chiang, on Sunday, February 25, in an abandoned restaurant near the airport. Suvarnabhumi Airport Police Station found that the man had been shot dead in Areeya Daily Village in the Lat Phrao district of Bangkok and was left at the scene.

In other news, two boat operators on Phuket’s waters found themselves ensnared by the law on a fateful day last month. The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) and the Marine Police, in a display of concerted action, apprehended the duo for carrying out commercial fishing activities in a restricted zone and for steering an unlicensed fishing vessel.

The incident occurred roughly 600 yards off the coastline of Laem Mai Phai, Ratsada. The accused, known only as Sompon and Jiranan, were found red-handed, hauling up their nets in an area off-limits to fishing. The pair were manning two anonymous vessels, carrying an entire crew of 17 individuals.

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