Indian coffee trader busted with 10 anacondas on Bangkok flight

Photo courtesy of The New Indian Express

Customs officials intercepted a 56 year old coffee trader from Sakleshpur, India with a suitcase filled with 10 baby yellow anacondas, on a flight from Bangkok to Bengaluru.

At Kempegowda International Airport, the trader, arriving on Thai Air Asia Flight No. FD-137, was swiftly apprehended on Saturday night, sparking a high-stakes investigation into the illicit trafficking of exotic reptiles.

The unsuspecting trader fell prey to the allure of quick riches, ensnared by promises of 20,000 Rupees (approximately 8,900 baht) for a simple handover at the airport.

A Customs official shed light on the sordid affair.

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“The person was tempted by the prospect of making easy money. This individual had visited Bangkok as a tourist.”

Acting on precise intelligence, vigilant Customs officers uncovered the serpentine contraband during routine baggage scans.

Snake expert Vattam Aditya stated that these anacondas appear to be around two months old and that since they were babies, they could be smuggled easily.

The sprawling labyrinth of Bangkok serves as a notorious hub for wildlife trafficking, fuelling global demand for exotic creatures, reported The New Indian Express.

A customs official cited the gravity of the offence under the Customs Act 1962 and the Wildlife Protection Act 1972.

“The seized exotic animals are prohibited for import.”

In related news, in an episode that shook Suvarnabhumi International Airport on March 5, a remarkable seizure of 87 wild animals was carried out. The operation was a joint effort by the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, Customs Office, and other pertinent authorities.

This intervention unfolded when airport security personnel caught sight of these creatures, secreted away within eight pieces of luggage belonging to six Indian tourists en route to Mumbai, India.

In other news, CISF personnel thwarted a smuggling attempt at Kempegowda International Airport, Karnataka, India, as a passenger who landed from Bangkok on an AirAsia flight tried to conceal a live cobra inside a bottle.

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