Huawei Cloud Thailand partners with MDES to boost AI tech development

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A partnership has been forged between Huawei Cloud Thailand and the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (MDES), aimed at propelling the development of cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This collaboration is part of a broader vision to establish Thailand as a prominent hub for AI in the region.

The partnership was formalized through a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed by both parties yesterday. This agreement focuses on supporting AI development, industry applications, talent cultivation and ecosystem building.

The signing ceremony took place amidst the Huawei Cloud AI Summit Thailand 2023, a collaboration between Huawei Cloud Thailand and MDES. The event drew numerous government representatives, industry experts, local customers, partners, and Chinese enterprises, all united by a shared goal of advancing Thailand’s AI and digital transformation.

Prasert Jantararuangtong, Minister of MDES, stated his ministry’s objective is to advance cloud-first policies to fuel Thailand’s growth. “As a representative from MDES, I would like to thank Huawei Thailand for taking the leading role within the private sector in setting up this important event and bringing the global experience of Huawei and its partners to Thailand, as well as for helping foster the country’s cloud and AI digital ecosystems,” he said.

Sarana Boonbaichaiyapruck, chairman of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), echoed this sentiment, stating that the event highlighted the swift progression of cloud and AI technology. As a regulator, he committed NBTC to consider cloud and AI in policy-making to digitalise Thai society and economy.

David Li, CEO of Huawei Thailand, reiterated Huawei Cloud’s commitment to enabling cloud and AI development in Thailand. He stated, “Huawei Cloud is firmly dedicated to its ‘In Thailand, for Thailand’ commitments. Huawei Cloud has seen, contributed to, and benefitted from Thailand’s digitalisation over the past two decades.”

He further explained, “By building a robust digital foundation in Thailand and constructing AI infrastructure for the government and enterprises, Huawei Cloud is empowering the nation to harness the transformative power of AI. This will in turn lead to the proliferation of AI applications across industries, ultimately benefitting Thai people and driving the country’s digital progress.”

The partnership between Huawei Cloud and MDES represents a significant milestone in the advancement of AI and cloud technology in Thailand. AI is a driving force behind the current wave of global technological advancements and industry transformations, profoundly impacting human society and reshaping industries. By recognising AI’s transformative potential, Thailand remains committed to enhancing its global competitiveness by strengthening its AI capabilities and becoming a regional AI hub, reported Bangkok Post.

Huawei Cloud has offered to act as a conduit between Chinese and Thai enterprises, providing advanced AI technologies, applications, and expertise from China to empower Thailand. With its extensive localisation experiences in over 170 countries and regions, Huawei Cloud is ready to provide valuable insights into global and regional industries, and now stands as the preferred partner for Thai enterprises seeking global expansion and for Chinese enterprises venturing into the Thai market.

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