Hotel worker accused of attacking female guest due to late payment

Photo via Facebook/ Survive - สายไหมต้องรอด

A Thai woman accused a hotel worker in Parum Thani province, near Bangkok, of attacking her for a late payment.

The victim, 26 year old Nattarika, sought help from the non-profit organisation Saimai Survive after the physical altercation at the hotel on Soi Rungsit-Nakhon Nayok 20 in Thanya Buri district of Prahum Thani province.

Nattarika recounted that her home was near the hotel but she decided to temporarily reside there due to a family dispute.

Nattarika disclosed that she initially booked the hotel room for one night on Wednesday, September 20 and did not pay the fee before her stay. Nattarika said she intended to make the payment the following day but encountered an obstacle when her phone was broken.

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Natarika also considered extending her stay at the hotel. She informed a hotel employee on the morning shift that she would pay the fee late but also wanted to extend her stay another night.

According to Nattarika, the hotel employee on the morning shift acknowledged her request without any concerns. However, a staff member on the night shift contacted her through the LINE application, demanding immediate payment.

Broken phone

Nattarika said she was willing to pay the fine because her phone was broken and could not pay the fee at that time. The worker responded to her rudely.

“Go away if you cannot afford it!”

Then at 7pm, the hotel worker knocked on her door and told her to leave the hotel. Nattarika said she decided to go to the lobby and wait until she could transfer the money. She then sent a transfer receipt via LINE to the factory and waited for confirmation of her stay but the worker remained silent.

Nattarika said she decided to ask the worker whether she had seen her message on LINE or not. The conversation then escalated into a heated argument and physical assault.

Nattarika added that there were two other hotel workers at the scene, a male worker and a female manager but no one intervened in the incident. When Nattarika asked to meet the owner of the hotel, the manager also refused, and no one offered her an apology.

Nattarika announced that she would file a complaint against her attacker and the hotel but the worker appeared unmoved by the threat.

Nattarika said that she worked as a party entertainer and that the wounds on her face and body forced her to stop working, resulting in a loss of income.

Nattarika filed a complaint with Pratunam Chulalongkorn Police Station. As of now, there have been no updates regarding the progress of the case.

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