Homeless Thai man turns pedestrian overpass into bedroom

A contrite Thai TikTok user apologised for posting a video of a bedroom created by a homeless man on a pedestrian overpass after it was destroyed by highway officials.

The uploaded TikTok video features a man-made bedroom on a pedestrian overpass in the central province of Ayutthaya. The bedroom was created by a homeless man but once the video went viral on the @jittakorn_pochoo account highway officials came and destroyed it.

The room was equipped with everything from a bed made from white foam containers, it had pillows, laminate flooring, curtains to protect the vagrant from sunlight, and dolls. Watch the video here.

A plastic cup was also available just in case anyone wanted to donate money so the destitute man could buy food.

Many people commented that the room looked completely cosy – except for the fact that pedestrians were walking through it every five minutes.

Some netizens living nearby the overpass said they felt awkward because it was like they were walking inside someone’s house.

After Thai media outlets highlighted the room, the video went viral leading to it being destroyed.

The media reported that the overpass is located in the Au Thai district of Ayutthaya province. Reporters visited the overpass today but the bedroom was no longer there.

An officer from the Ayutthaya Highways District, Thawat Changtham, told the media that the officials cleaned the overpass this morning to provide a clean and safe space for pedestrians.

The 60 year old added that officers usually clean the overpass every Friday but couldn’t find the time over the past two weeks, which allowed the homeless man to create a bedroom for himself.

Thawat said officers always chased the homeless away because the overpass is for pedestrians.

A 41 year old woman, Jatuporn Boonrot, who works near the overpass, said she was scared of the homeless man and didn’t dare to walk past him alone at night.

A 40 year old seller, Tharika Saleengam, stated that the homeless man had many tattoos, making people scared.

The TikTok user posted another video of a clean overpass with a caption that said…

“It’s my fault.”

He talked to people in the comments section saying he felt guilty for posting the video because it led to the bedroom being demolished.

Some netizens felt sorry for the homeless man, while others said the authorities had to do it because it is a public area.

SOURCE: Khaosod | Thairath

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