The biggest Internet activity in Thailand is healthcare, survey finds

A new survey has found that the most common reason for using the Internet in Thailand is for healthcare consulting and services. For the Thailand Internet User Behaviour Survey of 2022, the Electronic Transactions Development Agency questioned 46,348 respondents from across Thailand between April and July. The results were announced yesterday.

While Thailand has 24 million Internet users in 2012, that number had more than doubled to 53 million in 2021. Healthcare topped the list of different online activities, with about 86.2% of people saying they used the Internet for it. Online communication came second with 65.7% of respondents saying they used the Internet for this.

Entertainment was third with 41.5% of respondents saying they used the Internet for this. In fourth place was live commerce, with 43.1% while financial transactions came in fifth with 31.3%.

The ETDA’s executive director said that healthcare consulting and services were at the top of the list because, during the Covid-19 pandemic, patients used it to book vaccines and get medical consulting.

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The survey found that the average Thai spends seven hours and four minutes on the Internet every day. Gen Y users spend the most time of all on the Internet and averaged eight hours and 55 minutes a day. Gen Z was the age group with the second most Internet users each day, followed by Gen X, and then Baby Boomers.

More information about the organization and survey is available on the official site of ETDA here.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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