Thai police officer carrying injured boy to hospital praised by netizens

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The social media community lauded a Thai police officer for carrying a seven year old schoolboy involved in a road accident to the hospital as a heart-warming image reminiscent of the ‘Guardians of Public Service’ monument.

Facebook user Jiraporn Krachangsaeng shared that she’d seen two accidents in front of her shop that morning, one of which stirred her heart. A motorcycle had tumbled, harming a boy whom a police officer then took to hospital. The post appended with the hashtag #Phangnganicecity, inspiring netizens to shower the officer with well-deserved praise, following this heart-warming public service act.

Online accounts subsequently learned that this benevolent officer was Assistant Sub-Inspector Narongrit, the deputy traffic police chief at Muang Phang Nga Police Station. He had been carrying the student to the local hospital following a road mishap, which earned significant admiration among the online community.

As eyewitnesses to the public service event, Jiraphon and Wiphol, proprietors of the grilled duck restaurant Chick Kee situated within Phang Nga town municipality, shed light on the scenes captured in the widely circulated social media post. Jiraphon revealed that as she opened the shop opposite Phang Nga Hospital, there was a car collision near her store. Consequently, a team of traffic policemen was dispatched to facilitate the area. Simultaneously, across the street, another accident unfolded as a motorbike slipped due to rainfall during the morning rush hour traffic yesterday. A young woman and a child were injured in the mishap.

One of the officers in the vicinity then gallantly picked up the injured boy and swiftly moved towards the hospital. Overwhelmed by the officer’s bravery and public service dedication, she took pictures of the moving scene and shared them online, attracting lots of admiration from all corners of the web. The images seemed to mirror the civilian-serving Guardian statue, giving onlookers goosebumps, reported Sanook.

Assistant Sub-Inspector Narongrit gave his side of the story. Stationed at checkpoint 60, he was conducting road inspections on Petchkasem Street when he became aware of a car accident. Assured that no one was hurt in the incident, he remained at the site to manage traffic while waiting for the inquiry agent from Muang Phang Nga police station.

It was then that he noticed a woman riding a motorcycle, with her seven year old son on their way to school, lost balance and fell right in front of him. Without wasting time, he contacted the ambulance to pick up the little boy who was showing signs of leg injuries. Observing the child wincing in pain, he considered the close proximity of about 200 metres to the Phang Nga hospital. He promptly lifted the boy into his arms and hurried to the hospital’s emergency room to receive medical help.

As for the online appreciation, he said he felt honoured. Yet, he perceived public service as routine duty, thinking to aid the injured as swiftly as possible.

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