Handsome Thai pancake seller goes viral, adds charm to local markets

Image via @niwat_kj, TikTok

A handsome Thai pancake seller who helps his mother at her market stall in Rangsit has become an Internet sensation. The young man has caught the attention of netizens after a TikTok user, @niwat_kj, shared a video of him following a visit to the market stall at Si Mum Mueang Market.

In the TikTok post, the user wrote, “The pancakes are truly delicious. They’re the best at Si Mum Mueang…I would buy the entire store. The seller is extremely cute. Everyone at Si Mum Mueang is adorable. I love him.”

The video shows a customer asking the good-looking seller if he was helping his mother, to which he shyly nodded. The customer then asked the mother about their usual selling hours, to which she responded around 8pm.

Upon the video’s circulation, netizens flooded the comments section with various remarks. Some teased the TikTok user while others complimented the seller’s good looks.

A few users even noted that he bore a resemblance to two popular Thai actors, Jakrapatr Voravatsin and Chonkan Ampornsutinun, reports Sanook.

@niwat_kj เหมาทั้งร้านไปเลย คือพ่อค้าน่ารักมากก แล้วสี่มุมเมืองคือมีแต่คนน่ารักนะ รักเขา❤️🌈🥰 #ผู้ชายหล่อบอกต่อ #ผู้ชายน่ารัก #พ่อค้าหล่อ #น่ารัก #ความรัก #พ่อค้าขนมเบื้อง #ตลาดสี่มุมเมือง ♬ Funny – Gold-Tiger

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