Henna tattoo horror: Thai woman’s ordeal serves as an allergy warning

Photo: Sanook

A devastating experience with a budget henna tattoo has been shared by a woman on social media who ended up with severe blisters and itching, leaving a scar. The TikTok user @Iamseasons posted a video today detailing her ordeal with the cheap henna tattoo that turned into a nightmare.

“I advise you not to follow suit, it’s not about the shop, but whether you are allergic or not.”

The tattoo-loving woman captioned her video along with hashtags #hennatattoo #hairdyeallergy #catslave. The woman in the clip stated she had a desire to get a cat tattoo. Unfortunately, her parents didn’t permit tattoos, leading her to opt for a henna tattoo of a cat instead. However, after getting the tattoo, she experienced skin itching around the tattooed area and noticed raised skin.

On the third day, clear bumps started appearing around the henna tattoo area and the edge of the tattoo started showing a distinct red line. There were also symptoms of skin itching, for which she took medicine as a treatment. However, the antiallergic drugs did not help alleviate the aforementioned symptoms and overall, her condition did not improve.

The tattooed area developed numerous clear bumps resembling blisters, and her condition worsened. Yellow fluid began oozing from the blisters and she experienced severe itching, which led her to seek medical help, reported Sanook.

After consulting with a doctor and undergoing treatment, her condition improved and the scar started to fade. However, the henna tattoo left a faint scar in the shape of a cat, serving as a reminder of her cautionary tale.

The account owner revealed her allergic reaction and advised anyone interested in getting a skin pattern to thoroughly study it before making a decision. If anyone is allergic to henna tattoos, they should not proceed.

Henna is an herb derived from the Lawsonia inermis tree, primarily used for hair dyeing or body painting. The patterns typically last for about two to four weeks, gradually fading over time.

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