Gold prices in Thailand take a slight dip today

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Gold prices decreased today, according to the Gold Traders Association. The price of gold ornaments was adjusted to 34,100 baht (US$994) per baht-weight, a drop of 50 baht (US$1.46) compared to the final price on December 28. This adjustment was reflected in the latest data from the Association’s website at 9am today.

The selling price for 96.5% gold bars in the country is now 33,600 baht (US$979) per baht-weight, and the buying price is 33,500 baht (US$976). Gold ornaments of the same purity are being bought at 32,897.20 baht (US$958.9) and sold at 34,100 baht (US$993.8) per baht-weight. Meanwhile, the global gold price is at US$2,071.50 (71,073.17 baht) per ounce, reports Khaosod.

To summarize the gold prices for today

Gold bars:
• Buying price: 33,500 baht (US$976)
• Selling price: 33,600 baht (US$979)

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Gold ornaments:
• Buying price: 32,897.2 baht (US$958.9)
• Selling price: 34,100 baht (US$993.8)

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