Free flu shot program for vulnerable people ends August 31

PHOTO: The NHSO free flu shot campaign is ending on the 31st. (via Pixabay)

Before there was Covid and anti-vaxxers and controversy, there was the annual flu shot, a preventative health mainstay for nearly a century. The National Health Security Office campaign that has been administering free vaccinations against the yearly influenza is coming to a close on August 31.

The campaign started on May 1 and aims to administer free flu shots to the most vulnerable people who need the protection most across Thailand. After a four-month programme, this is now the last week for those who qualify to get the vaccine for free.

The programme has been a success, and reports having administered influenza shots in clinics and hospitals across the nation with a total of 2.9 million people receiving a vaccine so far, according to the NHSO secretary-general. They said the provinces that took the most advantage of the programme and got their free shots were, in order, Bangkok, Nakhon Ratchasima, Khon Kaen, Ubon Ratchathani and Chiang Rai.

The secretary-general put out the call to people to get their free flu shot this week before the campaign comes to a close. He explained the vulnerabilities that make people eligible for the programme and encouraged people to go to any local certified medical facility to get their vaccine.

“There are only seven days left to get a free flu shot, so we urge people in vulnerable groups to head to the nearest NHSO-certified hospitals and clinics for the shot. There is no charge for recipients who fit the criteria, no matter what health security scheme you are under. Only people in vulnerable groups can get the vaccine free of charge. They are elders over 65 years, children from six months to two years old, thalassaemia patients, and those with chronic health problems.

“The influenza vaccine is safe and can effectively reduce the chance of developing severe symptoms and other complications if you get the flu. It is a necessary protection, especially during the raining [sic] season when flu can spread quickly.”

The NHSO can be contacted for questions or more details via Facebook at NHSO.Thailand or the LINE App at NHSO, or by calling their phone hotline at 1330.

SOURCE: The Nation

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