Former Thai pop star reveals his new business – collecting the faces of dead people

A former famous Thai pop star may not be making hit records anymore but he’s fine with that now he has a new line of business – collecting the faces of dead people.

Jakkapong “Jill” Karnsomphot, one half of the 90s pop combo, Jack-Jill, with his twin brother Jakkaphan “Jack” Karnsomphot, collect the dried facial skins of dead people who were once powerful and respected in their community while they lived.

Jack-Jill, or in Thai แจ๊คจิลล์, stopped playing their music a long time ago. But they were thrust back into the spotlight this week when netizens shared pictures and videos of 20 dried facial skins of dead people on social media. It soon went viral.

Jakkapong, or Jill, told the media that he started a business of buying and selling different powerful Thai amulets with his brother when they wound up their musical career.

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He added that he received the 20 dead facial skins by chance from a mysterious 91 year old man named Pong, who he met in Ayutthaya, in central Thailand, in 2009. They met because Pong was involved in the Thai performing arts world.

Jill says each facial skin is believed to be sacred and can bring luck to anyone who prays or owns them. The skins belong to people who performed in the theatrical world and have been passed down from generation to generation. Some of the skins are believed to be over 100 years old. Pong’s family members didn’t know how to pray to pray to them and didn’t want to keep them. So, Pong gave the skins to Jill before he passed away.

Jill added that each facial skin came from persons who were successful in their Thai dramatic arts careers. They gave their consent before they died that they would sacrifice their facial skins to be used as sacred amulets for their relatives and followers.

Jill says it is believed among the Thai drama community that the skin will protect them from misfortune and make them successful and famous. He says many Thai singers and actors have visited his house to pray to the skins.

Jill says he contacted the Fine Arts Department when he took ownership of the skins but an official told him there was no information in the state database. Armed with that information he decided to keep the skins.

The former pop star admitted his life has improved since he gained possession of the skins and believes in them. He added his belief hasn’t got anyone into trouble, and there is no law stopping residents from owning dead people’s skins.

Last Monday, an expert in arts and culture, performing arts, and the basis of Thai dance, Surat Jongdan, revealed in an interview with media that he had never heard of anyone who prayed to human facial skin for a successful career. Surat suggested that Jill should demolish or destroy the skins.

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SOURCE: Thairath | Siamrath | MGR Online

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