Foreigner unharmed after motorcycle crash with van in Phuket

A foreigner narrowly escaped death without a scratch after crashing his motorcycle on a mountain road in Phuket, sliding down Patong Hill, and colliding with a van.

The van driver, Weerapong, shared a video of the accident on his TikTok account, Smith.van, yesterday, June 3. The footage showed Weerapong braking suddenly as the foreigner and his motorcycle lost control on a curve and slid down the hill. Luckily, Weerapong stopped his car in time. The road was visibly wet from the rain.

In another video, Weerapong is seen exiting his van to check on the foreigner, who miraculously escaped the accident without injury. The foreigner expressed his gratitude to Weerapong by performing a wai, a traditional Thai gesture of respect.

In an interview with Channel 7, Weerapong revealed that the accident occurred around 11pm on June 1 on Patong Mountain while he was driving home. Due to the heavy rain and poor visibility, he was driving at a reduced speed and with extra caution.

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Weerapong said he noticed the motorcycle crash and slowed down to ensure the safety of both himself and the rider.

Initially, Weerapong feared the foreigner might be seriously injured upon impact with his van. However, the man was unharmed and able to get up and speak to him. He did not ask for the foreigner’s details and parted ways after confirming he was uninjured.

The videos of the accident have garnered significant attention on Thai TikTok, with the first video receiving over 13,000 likes and 400 shares.

Netizens expressed relief that the foreigner was safe, while others appreciated his gesture of performing a wai to thank the van driver.

One woman shared that she had also crashed her motorcycle at the same spot, urging other motorists to exercise caution when using the route.

In a related story, two Frenchmen were not as lucky as the foreigner when they lost their lives in a motorcycle accident on Anusawari-Ban Pa Khlok Road in Thalang district of Phuket in May.

In the same month, a Filipino motorcyclist died after running over a palm kernel on Thep Krasattri Road in Phuket. Several incidents involving the palm tree and the kernel prompted the authorities to remove the tree from the traffic island for the safety of motorists.



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♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – Smith Van – Smith Van

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