Foreigner criticised for hammock stunt on Bangkok billboard (video)

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A foreign man is facing backlash after he created a video of himself lying in a hammock hung from a large advertisement billboard near Asoke Intersection in Bangkok.

Thai social media account Red Skull shared a video of the foreign man yesterday, June 23, with a caption that read, “Is this the same foreigner from the previous viral video, where he did freerunning on a BTS station and jumped onto a Thai man? Is he still in Thailand?”

The foreigner’s video opened with the caption, “You know what you need to do when you’re homeless.” The background showed the Asoke Intersection in Bangkok before zooming in on a nearby big billboard.

The video then cut to a scene where the foreign man was lying in a hammock, hanging from the billboard high above the road.

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Many Thai netizens confirmed that this foreign man was the same person who had been involved in a similar incident in March. In that case, he had been freerunning on Asoke BTS Station near Soi Sukhumvit 14 in Bangkok, jumping from the station to a nearby building before jumping down onto the footpath.

Unfortunately, the foreign man landed not on the footpath but on the head of a Thai man walking past. Channel 8 reported that the victim was old and suffered an injury in the incident.

A witness stated that the foreign man neither apologised to the victim nor offered assistance, instead walking away from the scene as bystanders were left in shock.

It appears the victim did not complain to the police, as there have been no reports of the foreigner being apprehended or facing legal charges. Furthermore, he was seen repeating his reckless behaviour in a recent video filmed in Bangkok.

Despite the video gaining widespread attention online, the police have yet to take any steps towards initiating legal proceedings against the foreign man.

In a similar report about an extreme sport, a British photographer died after parachuting from the 29th floor of a condominium in Pattaya. The parachute failed to open, causing the foreigner to fall onto a tree and then hit the ground.

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