British photographer dies after parachuting from Pattaya condo (video)

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A British photographer died after parachuting from the 29th floor of a condominium in Pattaya, Thailand.

Bang Lamung Police Station officers received a notification of the parachute accident at about 7.30pm on Saturday, January 27 and rushed to the scene, Lumpini Condo Town North Pattaya-Sukhumvi. Officers found the lifeless body of the foreign man, later identified as a 33 year old British photographer named Nathy Odinson outside the accommodation.

ThaiRath reported that the condominium is divided into two buildings, A and B. Each building has 32 floors, and Odinson reportedly parachuted from the 29th floor of the B building.

He was seen lying face down in a pool of blood on the street. Odinson’s skull and bones all over his body were broken. He was wearing a brown T-shirt and black shorts and had a parachute container on his back. A damaged canopy and a helmet with a camera were found at the scene.

The security guard of the condo told police he heard something fall to the ground, followed by a scream from a female resident. He rushed to investigate and discovered the foreign man with his parachute equipment.

A 30 year old Thai man, Boy, was brought in for questioning as he was found with Odinson before his death. Boy said he was a friend of Odinson’s and had known him for five months. Odinson liked extreme activities, especially skydiving. Boy said Odinson skydived many times in many places and shared his experiences with his followers on social media.

Illegal trespassing

Thairath reported that the boy was in a state of shock and stress because the accident happened right in front of him as he was recording the video for Odinson.

Boy explained that he and Odinson were not the residents of the condo but sneaked onto the roof for the parachute video. They arrived at the condo on a motorcycle and went straight to the 29th floor.

Boy recorded a video of Odinson jumping with his mobile phone. He revealed that the parachute failed to open, causing Odinson to fall over a tree and later hit the ground.

The superintendent of Bang Lamung Police Station, Nawin Sinturat, stated that the deceased lived in Pattaya for a long time on a student visa. Odinson was a skydiving photographer and was also well known on social media with his Facebook page, Nathy’s Sky Photography. Many followers extended their condolences on Odinson’s Facebook page.

According to the police, officers would carry out further investigations into the cause of Odinson’s death and the accident. Boy would also face a charge of trespassing.

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