Foreign man attacked after allegedly slapping Phuket transwoman

Photo via Facebook/ โหดจัง จังหวัดภูเก็ต

A foreign man suffered a gang assault after allegedly slapping a Thai transwoman in Soi Bangla in the Patong neighbourhood of Phuket in the early hours yesterday, May 2.

News Facebook page, โหดจัง จังหวัดภูเก็ต, shared a video of the physical altercation between a group of Thai transwomen and a foreign man yesterday. The page reported that the incident took place at around 5.30am and was allegedly triggered by the foreign man slapping one of the transwomen.

The video showed a group of transwomen chasing the foreign man in a green T-shirt and attacking him. One of the transwomen beat up the foreigner while another kicked and punched him. Another woman was seen grabbing a green plastic chair and smashing it over the foreign man.

The foreign man tried to run away and a Thai man tried to intervene but the attack continued. The transwoman in a gold dress struck the man in the head with a high heel.

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A Thai transwoman involved in the incident stated that the foreigner rode a motorcycle around the area and randomly kicked people before the video abruptly ended. Another Thai witness asserted that the foreign man provoked the gang attack by annoying people in Soi Bangla with the loud revving of his motorcycle.

The witness further added that the foreign man was already injured, with a bloody wound to his head, before the altercation.

In the comment section, many Thai netizens expressed their support for the transwomen.

“That’s great! Too many foreign thugs in Pattaya and Phuket”

“Don’t you remember what had happened in Sukhumvit? Don’t be mad at Thai transwomen!”

“Make him remember that this is Thailand!”

“Worth watching!”

The man’s identity, nationality, and the exact motive for the initial assault remain unclear.

A similar incident and a major physical confrontation among transwomen in Thailand was reported in March outside a hotel in Soi Sukhumvit 11 in Bangkok when a group of Thai ladyboys gathered and attacked Filipina transwomen.

Chaos broke out in front of the hotel and police officers were unable to control the situation. Images of Thai transwomen physically assaulting Filipino nationals went viral on both local and international media.

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