Foreign mafia who attacked 2 Thai women in Koh Samui found in Phuket

National Police Deputy Commissioner Surachate Hakparn, aka Big Joke, ordered police in Koh Samui to speed up the search for the foreign mafia gang that attacked two Thai women at a bar on New Year’s Eve.

Officers from Bor Phut Police Station in Koh Samui reported that they know the identities of two of the group members and stated that they were in Phuket.

A 51 year old woman named Joy reported the incident to the media three days ago. A group of four foreigners, two men and two women, attacked Joy and her mother at a bar on December 31, over a row about some seats.

Joy said officers from Bor Phut Police Station ignored her case so searched for the group’s identity herself. She discovered, or believes, they are a powerful foreign mafia gang on the island.

Big Joke joined the meeting with police in Koh Samui and Surat Thani to prepare policies and measures to welcome Chinese tourists.

Big Joke brought up the row between two Thai women and a foreign group in the meeting. He ordered officers from Bor Phut Police Station to be more proactive in the case. People were interested in the case and the slow working processes affected the police’s image.

The Superintendent of Bor Phut Police Station, Yutthana Sirisombat, reported in the meeting that his team planned to question the two Thai victims on Wednesday, January 18.

Yutthana reported that his team already know the identities of two members of the group. They are Australian citizens and they continued their trip to Phuket.

One of them arrived in Thailand via Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok on November 24 last year, and his visa expires on February 6. The other man arrived in Thailand via Satun Airport on October 7 last year. His visa expires on Tuesday, January 17.

Yutthana insisted that his team and the tourist police in Phuket were working together to find the foreign group.


ORIGINAL STORY: 2 Thai women attacked by foreign mafia in Koh Samui

A Thai woman sought help from the Thai media after she and her mother were attacked by some foreigners who claimed to be part of a mafia gang at a bar in Koh Samui on New Year’s Eve. The woman turned to the media because the police ignored her case.

The local Facebook page Samui Fresh News posted a video and pictures of a foreign group of two men and two women attacking two Thai women at a bar in Koh Samui yesterday, January 10.

One of the victims, 51 year old Joy, informed the page that she, a friend, her mother, and her mother’s boyfriend visited the bar for a countdown event on December 31.

At about 11.56pm, Joy and her friend stood on the sofa to try and get a perfect picture of the fireworks. One male foreigner climbed on the same sofa and stepped on Joy’s foot. Joy let the man know but he refused to apologise.

Three of the man’s friends then climbed onto nearby sofas and stepped on her bags and belongings.

Joy acknowledged the foreigners maybe wanted to get a view of the fireworks just like her so she urged the foreigners to take off their shoes before standing on the sofas. They ignored her at first, then swore while one of them tried to spit at her friend.

The foreigners allegedly told Joy they were rich and powerful in Koh Samui and could do whatever they wanted.

One of the foreign men tried to pour beer over the head of Joy’s mother, as featured in the video on the post.

In the ensuing chaos, one of the foreign women pulled Joy’s hair making her fall to the floor. Her mother tried to help but she fell to the floor as well. The group took advantage of the situation and began attacking Joy and her mother.

Joy said some foreign tourists tried to help but the gang attacked them as well. One foreign man who helped get her mother out of the scene got punched until he bled.

Joy said the bar staff suppressed the incident but did not ask the troublemakers to leave or ask about her and her mother’s conditions.

Joy’s mother suffered bruising to her ribcage, head and arms.

Joy filed a complaint with the police on the next day, January 1, but there’s been no development.

The police told her that they were busy and did not have time to follow up on her case.

Joy tried to find out the identities of the foreigners. She believes that the group is Australian and members of a powerful foreign mafia gang on the island.

After the post on Samui Fresh News went viral, Channel 3 interviewed an officer from Bor Phut Police Station. Ravi Na-Boonno stated that he was aware of the problem, but the bar had over 1,000 customers that night, and police received numerous complaints on that day.

Ravi said he would check the bar’s security cameras and question the relevant foreigners.

Ravi urged the victims to calm down and relax, adding that the case was in progress.

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