Fishing boat capsizes off Phetchaburi coast, rescuers search for 3 missing

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A fishing boat capsized in Phetchaburi due to strong waves, leaving four crew members in danger. One was found alive near an oil depot island, while authorities continue searching for the other three missing individuals.

Last night, at around 9pm, the Sawangsanphettammasatan Foundation was informed that a fishing boat had been struck by large ocean waves and capsized near Ban Laem, Phetchaburi province. The foundation swiftly dispatched a rescue vessel to search for the victims.

Initial investigations revealed that the fishing boat, which was hit by waves and flipped over, had four crew members in total. The foundation learned that all four had donned life jackets while the boat was capsizing. During the search, rescuers managed to save one individual who was found floating near Bang Kaew Oil Depot Island. The search for the other three crew members is still ongoing.

Reports of boats capsizing in stormy seas make headlines in Thailand from time to time.

In February, a boat capsized in Krabi. After two deaths and many injuries in the beginning of the year, about 80 long-tail boats in Krabi were modified by adding roofs are being called in. The Krabi Marine Office made the announcement after three long-tail boats had capsized in the last two months.

The roofs make the boats less stable in stronger winds. They also make the small boats heavier which might have caused the capsizing incidents. The director of the Krabi Marine Office explained the situation to The Phuket Express.

There were about 80 long-tail boats in Krabi which were modified with these roofs. They were all being called to be re-tested for safety with the Krabi Marine Office. To read more click here

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