Fire breaks out at recycling factory in Saraburi province

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A fire incident occurred at a recycling factory in Village No. 1, Nong Suang Subdistrict, Wihan Daeng District, Saraburi province, at 11.25am yesterday, December 15.

Wihan Daeng District Chief Asirawan Phoephuet was informed and fire trucks were dispatched various areas. The factory has an area of more than 20 rai (32,000 square metres). Supervisors at the factory were notified about the situation immediately.

There are many parts and equipment that can be used as fuel at the recycling factory. In the past 2 to 3 months, there was a similar fire at another factory close by, managed by the same owner. The fire was difficult to control as there was a lot of recyclables inside. Combined with the rather strong wind currents, the fire spread rapidly.

Bancha Chaowarin, Governor of Saraburi Province, visited the area to inspect and assess the initial situation as the fire was still spreading.

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Bancha revealed that the fire should now be controlled to a certain extent. which can be observed from the smoke turning white. The situation is being evaluated to see whether tools can be employed to distribute the fuel to help distinguish the inferno. At the same time, orders for a lighting support vehicle to help are dispatched. Large trucks are able to enter the work site to help disperse the recycling materials.

Bancha added that if the fire occurs within a small area then it can be controlled more easily. The Saraburi governor stated that he will conduct further investigations.

Previous fire accident

The recycling factory had been built two months prior when an incident occurred nearby. At this time the owner of the factory had been renewing the factory licence. The district chief is considering whether to grant the licence as the past two fire incidents are evidence that safety measures had not been met, reported Matichon.

District Chief Asirawan revealed that the initial cause of the fire was reported to be a gas explosion. There were sparks of fire that set wood ablaze which made the fire spread, however, the real cause is under further investigation. The factory owner suffered minor burns and high blood pressure, probably as a result of shock. Officials have taken him to the hospital.

Asirawan added that at this time, as far as reports have been received, there are no other injured persons. This factory is a warehouse that stores various recycled materials. There are wooden pallets, scrap cloth, plastic, and there are about 10 workers who take care of the logistics. The front of the store which sells antiques is separated from the recycling factory.

Investigation is underway regarding the use of gas cylinders in the factory.

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