Family suspects foul play in drowning of three year old daughter

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A family is mourning the loss of their three year old daughter who drowned in a pond near a childcare centre in Sisaket Province. The family suspects foul play and believes the drowning to be a staged murder.

Initial autopsy findings at Sisaket Hospital revealed that the child, Alice, died from asphyxiation while drowning, with water being aspirated into her lungs, and she had been dead for approximately two hours before being found. However, her father, Prinya, expressed disagreement with the autopsy results, which contradicted his suspicions.

Her body was then sent to the Institute of Forensic Medicine at Police General Hospital for a second autopsy. The family, deeply affected by her death, prepared a poignant tribute upon her return home.

Alice’s grandmother, Thongthip, along with other relatives, brought her favourite shoes, clothes, and food, including bananas, apples, and green tea, as indicated by a medium that claimed to communicate with Alice’s spirit.

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They conducted a ritual at the pond where she drowned to summon her spirit before the body was taken home for religious rites.

At Alice’s residence in Kon Gam, the atmosphere was filled with sorrow. Family members, neighbours, and villagers joined in preparing the location for the funeral. Items such as Alice’s photos, balloons, a bicycle, and her beloved Spider-Man costume were displayed to honour her memory.

Village elders performed a traditional ritual at the village shrine to guide Alice’s spirit home. As the police van arrived with Alice’s body, relatives and villagers wept openly. Among the mourners were three of Alice’s teachers, who expressed profound sadness over the incident.

“I am deeply sorry for what happened. I never imagined this would occur. We loved and cared for Alice very much. I will assist with the funeral every day in her memory.”

“May Alice rest in a better place and become an angel in heaven.”

Despite the preliminary autopsy findings indicating accidental drowning, her parents remain unconvinced and plan to pursue additional examinations to ensure all possibilities are thoroughly investigated, reported KhaoSod.

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