Facebook post sparks debate on impact of skewers in plastic bottles on recycling process

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A Facebook user’s post warning against inserting skewers into plastic bottles has sparked a virtual uproar. The user, who works in the recycling industry, warned that this action complicates the recycling process, adding that skewers make it impossible to recycle the bottles.

The post shared on the beloved Facebook group Housework I Love, highlighted images of bottles filled with skewers.

The user explained that the skewers add a burden to waste collectors who have to separate the trash. If the waste collector comes across a PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottle stuffed with them, they are likely to discard it immediately due to the difficulty in removing the skewers.

The separation of waste is the foundation of sustainable waste disposal, and stuffing PET bottles with organic waste, such as skewers, interferes with this process.

“Doing so makes it impossible to recycle the PET bottle filled with skewers. And if we don’t do this, wouldn’t it be dangerous for the waste collector?”

The user added that the skewers do not pose a significant threat as they are not sharp or strong enough to pierce through a boot. There might be a chance but it’s as small as winning the lottery.

For those concerned about waste collectors, the user suggested not stuffing the PET bottles with skewers at all. Alternatively, he recommended breaking them into small pieces and scattering them on the ground in a deserted forest or a pot at home. Within a month, the pieces would decompose and return to nature.

The user expressed his surprise at the large number of people who approved of this type of waste disposal, as it significantly disrupts the recycling system.

After the post was published, it attracted a slew of comments, with mixed opinions. Some agreed with the post’s owner, while others questioned whether the skewers could decompose quickly, reported KhaoSod.

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