Expected computer shortage in Thailand, world

IT workers expect a shortage of computers for sale in Thailand to start between May and June due to Covid-19 impacting producers in China. The chief of sales and marketing at Advice, an IT distributor, told the Bangkok Post that if China’s lockdown continues, as well as the Russia-Ukraine war, computer prices will likely rise. The chief of Advice said his company has enough inventory for two to three months.

The chief added that right now, popular computer notebooks cost from 18,000-19,000 baht, while popular gaming computers cost from 25,900-40,000 baht. He did not specify how much he expects prices will rise.

The head of IT business development at another IT company also said he expects the impact of China’s lockdown to last one to two months. He said his firm has enough inventory for at least three months. The IT head said that even though computer sales are likely to slow, there is still a need for them.

“There is still pent-up demand for notebooks and tailor-made computers from people working from home and studying online”.

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Even though the Covid-19 pandemic saw a boom in PC sales due to remote working and learning, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in late February has disrupted supply chains.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post | Nikkei Asia

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