Ex-wife of Thai taxi motorcyclist murderer provides insight into shocking family massacre

Murderer Somchai Kaewkomol and his estranged wife Chompoo. Picture courtesy of KhaoSod.

The ex-wife of the taxi motorcyclist murderer, who shot and brutally killed five members of his former partner’s family before taking his own life in Bangkok, has spoken out about the shocking incident.

Known only as Chompoo, the ex-wife of the taxi motorcyclist murderer, Somchai Kaewkomol, provided some context to the incident and clarified some initial speculations, while the police prepare to formally question her.

Chompoo today reveals that the reason she spilt from her 54 year old husband was not debt-related. They had lived together but she had to solely take care of their five children as he was unsupportive.

Prior to the incident, Somchai had been aggressive and had threatened her with a homemade Thai gun, which he used to intimidate and damage her car. The murderer’s ex-wife reported his behaviour to the police but they did nothing to stop his threats or violence. Chompoo reckoned Somchai was attempting to force her back with him, but it was too late.

The Thai taxi motorcyclist murderer displayed erratic behaviour, not just towards his ex-wife but also her aunt and mother. He previously screamed at her aunt in a rice shop. Somchai had a hot-tempered nature and owned a gun, which he would fire multiple times when he was drunk.

Chompoo confirmed that she did not incite the incident by breaking into his room. She said she was there to retrieve her car keys. The room was jointly bought by both of them with their Covid insurance money.

The root cause of the tragedy, she insisted, was Somchai’s demand that she return to him. She refused to do so, adding it was Somchai who suggested the divorce, not her, and there were no hard feelings when they parted ways.

Before the horror unfolded, Chompoo had blocked Somchai’s LINE application chat and phone number, making it impossible for him to contact her. This might have enraged the taxi motorcyclist to embark on the horrifying sequence of events that followed.

She believed that Somchai premeditated the mass killing as he often said that if he decided to act, he would take down everyone, making them regret it a hundred times over.

His actions were cruel this time as he also targeted children. Chompoo said…

“During the 6-7 years we lived together, he had physically abused me severely and used his gun to intimidate me. I had reported these events to the police. He also used his gun to smash the car window.”

When the grisly event took place, Chompoo tried contacting her mother and aunt unsuccessfully. She suspected that something dreadful must have happened and was devastated on learning the truth.

It was later revealed that Chompoo’s mother, 59 year old Sopha Chansoda, succumbed to her injuries and died, taking the death toll to five people.


A Thai motorcycle taxi rider murdered three victims at a condominium in Bangkok last night before taking his own life in front of the building. One victim survived despite being shot by the murderer. The grim sequence of events took place at a condo in the Lak Si district last night.

Responding promptly to the distress call, Tung Song Hong Police Station officers arrived at the scene, located within Soi Chang Watatana 6, around 8pm yesterday. The incident had transpired both at the condo and a nearby market.

At the market, officers were confronted with a grievously injured woman, identified as 59 year old Sopha Chansoda, found in a lottery shop. Suffering from a gunshot wound to the head, she was swiftly transported to a hospital for medical attention.

Eyewitnesses recounted the harrowing tale of the assailant, 54 year old Somchai Kaewkomol, who happened to be Sopha’s son-in-law. After the initial attack at the market, Somchai fled to a neighbouring condo which he once shared with his girlfriend and stepchildren.

Racing to the condo complex, officers were met with a heart-wrenching sight as they discovered Somchai’s lifeless body lying before the building. As they ascended to his residence on the ninth floor, an even more chilling scene awaited them – three more lives were tragically lost inside.

Inside the room, the lifeless forms of two young boys, seven year old Thanakrit Kaewkret and nine year old Krittapas Kaewkret, bore the cruel marks of gunshots. Meanwhile, in the bathroom, the body of their grandmother, 60 year old Thawee Sinma, lay motionless.

Investigations into the motive behind this horrifying crime reveal a tangled web of relationships. The police report revealed that the perpetrator’s actions were spurred by a two-year romantic relationship with the boys’ mother, known as Chompoo. When this relationship dissolved, Chompoo severed contact, moved out of their shared condo, and blocked communication with Somchai.

Desperate to reconnect, Somchai turned to Chompoo’s mother, Sopha, for help, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. This apparent rejection stoked his anger, seemingly driving him to commit this heinous act.

Another version of events, as reported by Matichon, suggests that financial troubles stemming from an unpaid debt might have played a role, pressuring Somchai into a desperate and tragic course of action.

Police officers have yet to conclude the case stating a further investigation would be conducted into the root cause of the murder.

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