elderly woman

  • Politics

    Israeli troops kill 9 Palestinians in a West bank military operation

    Palestinian officials reported today that nine Palestinians, including an elderly woman, were killed in a raid by the Israeli military in the occupied West Bank. The Palestinian health minister stated that the situation in Jenin was dire, with numerous injuries and ambulances unable to access the affected area. Additionally, the children’s ward of a local hospital was hit with Israeli…

  • Chon Buri

    Elderly Chon Buri woman sets house on fire to thwart thieves

    If an intruder breaks into your house, you have some options of how to react, but an old woman in Chon Buri discovered that maybe you shouldn’t respond by setting your house on fire. The old woman heard thieves trying to break into her house in the Hua Tanot sub-district of Panat Nikhom. She lives alone, and when she heard…

  • Crime

    89 year old Trang grandmother raped by 71 year old neighbour

    PHOTOS: Daily News A 71 year old man in Trang has been arrested after confessing to raping an 89 year old neighbour. Daily News reports that Palian police arrived to find that the woman’s granddaughter, Naphawan, had already taken matters into her own hands and beaten up Yap Chaiphak. She admitted to police that she had hit Yap repeatedly with…