Eerie shadow on Phetchabun road sparks ghostly buzz online

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

A chilling story has emerged from a seemingly innocuous post about a broken branch blocking a road in Phetchabun province. The shadow of the branch, upon closer inspection, appeared to bear an eerie resemblance to a person who had died three months earlier, sparking a flurry of comments and supernatural speculation online.

The original post, made by 41 year old Narong Saeng-Ong, a deputy head of a local volunteer group, featured a photograph of the fallen branch on a road in Tha Phlon district, taken at 8.09pm. The accompanying text suggested that interpretations could vary based on individual beliefs. The highway, Klong Proong-Umpaeng, had been the scene of a fatal incident just before the new year, adding a layer of macabre significance to the image.

As the image made its way around social media, users were quick to point out the shadow’s resemblance to Tun, a long-haired figure who tragically passed away in an electrical accident at the same spot months prior. The comments ranged from suggesting the apparition was Tun sitting there, to advising that merit-making ceremonies be held for the departed spirit, reported KhaoSod.

The page ‘Hone-Krasae’ reached out to Narong for further details. He revealed that the location of the photograph was by a pond in Klong Proong, and the picture was taken the previous night by a friend who was passing through the area. The intention was to warn other travellers to be cautious, but the post took on an entirely different dimension when people noticed the shadowy figure, which they connected to the earlier tragedy.

In related news, a fisherman in Pluak Daeng, Rayong, stumbles upon a mysterious earthen pot covered in red cloth, sparking curiosity and fear. The pot, tied with a sacred thread, hinted at a spiritual mystery.

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