DSI seizes over 1,000 million baht from ‘Gofug’ lottery scam

The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) made a significant breakthrough in a high-profile case involving an online lottery scam and tax evasion, seizing assets from the Gofug network, including luxury vehicles and gold. The seizure came after coordinated raids across Bangkok and several provinces today uncovering a financial flow exceeding 1,000 million baht within the network.

During a press conference, Thawee Sodsong, the Acting Director-General of DSI, accompanied by Yutthana Praedam, the Deputy Director-General, and Rawee Aksornsiri, the Director of the Anti-Money Laundering Office, outlined the results of the operation that targeted 27 locations linked to the Gofug network.

Their investigation was initiated after the Office of the Attorney General alerted the DSI to a fraudulent scheme involving the falsification of fuel export documents to claim tax refunds, causing the state a potential loss of 10,000 million baht.

Tawee further explained that the group was also found to be involved in the online lottery fraud. DSI’s investigation into the network revealed a sophisticated operation where false information was uploaded onto computer systems under the guise of official Thai government lottery results. This deception lured individuals to purchase what they believed were legitimate lottery tickets on various websites, such as Rumruay Roilarn, Nop Gao, Nakaraj, Chob Huay, Lotto MM, DNA, and Yayee, among others.

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The DSI’s probe into the network’s activities led to the issuance of arrest warrants and search warrants in connection with the case. As part of the operation, they successfully apprehended seven out of 18 suspects on February 1, with the remaining suspects currently at large and under pursuit by the DSI’s tracking teams.

The raids resulted in the confiscation of a vast array of assets, including 55 million baht in cash, 350 kilograms of gold, eight land deeds and condominium ownership documents, eight luxury cars, 97 amulets, 47 high-end watches, ten firearms, and over 400 items of designer bags, shoes, and clothing.

The assets seized and the ongoing investigation underlines the extent and complexity of the criminal activities carried out by the Gofug network. The DSI’s actions demonstrate a determined effort to combat financial crimes and protect the public from sophisticated online scams.

The case continues to unfold as authorities work to apprehend the remaining suspects and dismantle the network’s operations completely, safeguarding the economic interests of the country and upholding the rule of law, reported KhaoSod.

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