Drunk Thai man falls to death from condo in Chon Buri

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A drunk Thai man fell to death from the fifth floor of a condominium in Chon Buri in the early morning of yesterday, June 18.

The incident scene was condominium number 19 of the government housing project, Laem Chabang Housing Authority, in the Bang Lamung district of Chon Buri province. Upon investigation at 3.20am , the officers from Bang Lamung Police Station discovered the lifeless body of 26 year old Anake Siangsai lying on the ground.

Nearby the dead body was a damaged white MG sedan. Its rare window was broken and covered with blood. The officers anticipated that the deceased, Anake, might jump off a balcony in his room and land on the car below before falling to the floor. No signs of a struggle were found in Anake’s room number 227.

The officers questioned Anake’s friend, 27 year old Sittinon Sambang, about the situation before the tragic incident. Sittinon reported that the deceased was drunk as he had been drinking alcohol since the afternoon of the day.

Sitinon and other friends then drove him back to his condominium where he and some friends stayed. He and his friends heard and saw Anake vomit on the balcony of his room. They heard the very loud noise of something falling to the floor and rushed to check. They were in shocked after seeing it was the body of Anake.

Even if the police believed that the incident occurred following the deceased’s intoxication, further investigation into the case of the death would be conducted. The officers would also review the security camera in the area to gather additional information.

This incident followed a tragic plunge in Nonthaburi province near Bangkok two days ago. A 34 year old Thai man named Korb fell down from the ninth floor of his friend’s condominium to the roof of a neighbour in the early hours of June 17.

The impact caused the lower part of Korb’s body to pass through the roof and reach the floor below, while the upper part remained on the rooftop.

The deceased’s friend, 37 year old Phan, informed the police that he met Korb on an application. They engaged in online conversation for a month before they decided to meet in person in Phan’s room on the day prior to the incident.

Phan claimed that he spent a night with Korb, and he did not reveal any signs of stress. However, Korb climbed over a chair by the window the next morning like he planned to jump off. Phan said he did not know the reason behind the action, but he managed to calm him down.

Phan then left Korb to take a shower, only to discover upon his return that Korb had jumped out of the window. The cause of the tragedy remains under investigation.

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