Doi Inthanon in Chaing Mai spots first frozen dew of the year

Photo via อุทยานแห่งชาติดอยอินทนนท์ - Doi Inthanon National Park

The first frozen dew of this year was spotted this morning at Thailand’s highest mountain, Doi Inthanon, in Chiang Mai. The lowest temperature there is four degrees Celsius.

The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation reported that the very first frozen dew was witnessed at Doi Inthanon National Park appeared for visitors to check out.

Snow is rarely found in Thailand’s winter or cold season. There has been one recording of snow in the Land of Smiles, on January 7, 1955, in Chiang Rai, but that is still a bit tenuous. It was reported that rain fell and turned into hail and it remained there for about 14 hours before melting.

Doi Inthanon in Chaing Mai spots first frozen dew of the year | News by Thaiger

So, the next best thing for snow enthusiasts in the kingdom in the cold season is frozen dew, Moei Karb or Mae Khaning in Thai, on the high mountains or valleys in the northern part of Thailand. Frozen dew is a thin frost covering the surface of glass and plants.

Frozen dew in Thailand can be found from November to December when the temperature in the high mountains of Thailand is about zero or lower. Doi Inthanon and Doi Ang Khang in Chiang Mai welcome frozen dew every year. Sometimes, frost can be found at Phu Kradueng National Park in the Isaan province of Loei too.

The frost normally disappears when the sun rises. So, the perfect time to check it out is before sunrise.

According to the Northern Meteorological Centre, the temperature in the northern provinces of Thailand will be about 30 to 34 degrees Celsius from November 6 to 10. In the morning, the temperature can decrease to 15 to 21 degrees Celsius.

Then, the temperature will increase by one to two degrees Celsius from November 11 to 12. It will be about 31 to 35 degrees Celsius and 17 to 22 degrees Celsius in the morning.

Aside from checking out the frozen dew at Doi Inthanon, visitors should not miss out on taking a trekking trail and seeing the stunning view from a wooden balcony terrace at Kew Mae Pan Nature Trail.

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