District chief’s death by drowning not gunshot wound

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Autopsy results revealed that the demise of a district chief from Sanam Chai Khet, Chachoengsao, was due to suffocation from drowning, not a bullet wound as initially suspected. The incident occurred when the pick-up truck Khomsan Suranattakul was driving, guided by a GPS, fell into a water spillway. His co-passenger, Gregchai Photithong, another district chief from Sanam Chai Khet, managed to escape.

The tragedy took place near Koh Rang house, in Nong Waeng, Kao Chichan, Sa Kaeo. Khomsan’s body bore several injuries, but the suspected bullet wound on the 47 year old’s head turned out to be a large tear wound likely caused by a blunt object.

The Police Hospital forensic doctor’s report also mentioned small wounds on various parts of the body, clay in the windpipe indicating he was still breathing while drowning, and the possibility of a drugging incident before the drowning, pending lab results expected within 30 days.

Khomsan’s elder brother, Thanatsak Suranattakul, after hearing the autopsy report, expressed concern over the suspicious circumstances surrounding his brother’s death, in particular, the time taken by the surviving district chief to seek help. Despite the tragedy being close to a community, help was only sought after eight to nine hours, leading to Khomsan’s death, reported KhaoSod.

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While accepting the autopsy report, Thanatsak intends to question the surviving district chief regarding the true events leading to his brother’s death. The family plans to perform the last rites for Khomsan at Bang Nara temple, Narathiwat.

In related news, a baffling road crash incident unfolded on the Burapha Withi Expressway, which left authorities puzzled. Police Lieutenant Warayut Jenwichumaet, Deputy Inspector of the Bang Pakong Police Station in Chachoengsao Province, led an investigation alongside the Chachoengsao Rescue Unit and the Burapha Withi Expressway Rescue Team.

Their mission was to unravel the mystery surrounding a young woman who had tragically fallen from the expressway with her car still running. Read more about the story HERE.

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