Dispute over dropped phone leads to fatal stabbing in Buriram

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A dispute over a dropped phone in a rural shack escalated into a deadly confrontation when 47 year old Kittisak fatally stabbed 38 year old Atit in self-defence. The incident occurred yesterday around 3.30pm in the Nong Ki district of Buriram Province.

Police Deputy Inspector Thongsuk Prongthalee was alerted to the violent altercation and the subsequent death, prompting an investigation assisted by medical personnel from Nong Ki Hospital and local rescue teams.

The confrontation took place at an unnumbered shack in the Thung Kratat area of Nong Ki district. When the authorities arrived, no injured parties were present, as Atit had already been transported to Lahan Sai Hospital. The police found a Japanese-style sword (E-to) and a sharp steel rod at the scene, which were taken as evidence. At the hospital, it was confirmed that Atit had succumbed to his injuries, having been stabbed in the chest, right ribcage, and left back.

Kittisak did not flee the scene, instead, he who took Atit to the hospital. He confessed to the police that he had stabbed Atit with the steel rod in self-defence as Atit had attacked him with the sword. The police took Kittisak into custody and proceeded with the legal formalities.

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The 65 year old victim’s father, Uthai, recounted that his son had been working at a machinery shop for about two years. The shop was owned by the brother of Kittisak, the assailant. Uthai detailed that the dispute began when Atit had an argument with his employer over work issues, leading to a fight.

Hearing the commotion, Uthai attempted to intervene and stop the fight, but his efforts were in vain. Despite being rushed to the hospital, Atit could not survive the severe injuries, reported KhaoSod.

Kittisak explained that the altercation stemmed from a previous disagreement Atit had with his brother over the potential purchase of a tractor. The disagreement turned physical when Atit attacked Kittisak’s brother, the employer.

Kittisak intended to resolve the conflict but things escalated when he returned to the shack to retrieve a phone lost during the initial scuffle, only to be attacked by Atit with the sword. In the ensuing fight, Kittisak defensively stabbed Atit, who later died from his injuries at the hospital. Kittisak insisted his intention was not to kill but to protect himself and his 34 year old friend, Watcharapong, who also witnessed the event.

Watcharapong added that he had previously worked with the deceased and had accompanied Kittisak to talk things over. He had not anticipated that their attempt to clarify the situation would result in such a tragic outcome. The incident, arising from a mere phone falling to the ground, spiralled into a fatal fight that shocked the local community and will now be a matter for the legal system to address.

In related news, 26 year old man from Buriram province stabbed himself to death in a stranger’s home in Bang Phli, leaving the local community in shock.

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