Deputy headteacher found dead in car after 13-day search

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Police confirmed the tragic discovery of a missing deputy headteacher, found dead in his car under a bridge in Chiang Mai after a 13-day search.

The man, identified as 43 year old Ruchakorn Jaisanti, had been missing since June 16.

Ruchakorn, also known as Bank, served as the deputy headteacher at San Pa Yang Nom School and the acting headteacher at Wat Chammathewi Kindergarten in Lamphun. He disappeared along with his silver Toyota Vios, registration number กข 6610 Lamphun, leaving his family deeply concerned.

Following extensive efforts by police yesterday, June 2, including reviewing CCTV footage and collecting other pieces of evidence along Ruchakorn’s presumed route, the silver Toyota Vios was located under the Ban Chiang Khang overpass on Ring Road 2 in Saraphi District, Chiang Mai. Inside the vehicle, police discovered Ruchakorn’s lifeless body.

Ruchakorn’s wife, Tan, arrived at the scene and confirmed that the body found inside the car was indeed her husband. The police are currently investigating to determine the exact cause of death. Further updates will be provided as the investigation progresses.

“The family had been worried sick for almost two weeks. We had no idea where he could have gone or what might have happened to him.”

A colleague from San Pa Yang Nom School shared his grief.

“We had hoped for a different outcome. Ruchakorn was a dedicated teacher and a beloved member of our community. His loss is deeply felt by everyone who knew him.”

The investigation into the circumstances surrounding Ruchakorn’s death is ongoing. Police are leaving no stone unturned to uncover the truth, including checking for any signs of foul play or other contributing factors, reported KhaoSod.

Tan, the headteacher’s wife stated the following of her deceased husband.

“He was always so kind and caring. It’s hard to believe he’s gone. We just want to know what happened.”

ORIGINAL STORY: Deputy school director missing for 10 days amid financial dispute

The family of a deputy school director, missing for 10 days, is deeply concerned about a possible financial dispute.

The father of the missing school director, 72 year old Chalerm Jaisanti of Sri Sai Mun village in Nong Chang Khuen subdistrict, Mueang Lamphun district, reported that his son, 43 year old Ruchakorn Jaisanti, also known as Bank, deputy director of San Pa Yang Municipality School in Mueang Lamphun district, has been missing for 10 days.

His silver Toyota sedan, registration number KG 6610 Lamphun is also missing. Ruchakorn was last seen wearing black slacks and a red shirt. The family, worried about his safety, has filed a missing person report with the Lamphun City Police Station.

Chalerm described Ruchakorn as a good man who doesn’t drink alcohol, doesn’t smoke or gamble. Ruchakorn is married to Tan, a woman from the San Sai district in Chiang Mai province. They have a four month old son. Chalerm suspects that Ruchakorn’s disappearance may be related to a financial issue at the school.

Ruchakorn was temporarily appointed as the acting director of the school due to the absence of a permanent director. Ruchakorn had authorised a payment of over 100,000 baht to the school’s financial officer, who subsequently absconded with the money. The municipality has already filed a legal complaint against the financial officer.

Chalerm believes this incident might have caused significant stress for his son, leading to his sudden disappearance. He urges anyone with information to contact him at 088-2534935 or 094-6354452.


Ruchakorn’s wife has also shared a timeline of his disappearance.

On June 16, Ruchakorn left his home in San Sai for the school. CCTV footage captured his car on the Super Highway heading towards Lamphun at 8.49am. Another CCTV captured his car in Chai Sathan, Saraphi at 10.02am. Ruchakorn did not return home in the evening, prompting his relatives to call him.

On June 17, the family reported Ruchakorn missing. Despite being able to reach his phone, he did not answer. The last location of his phone signal was detected at 12.06pm on the Lamphun-Chiang Mai Road in the Umong Subdistrict, covering an area from Darn Mueang Noodles shop to Umong Municipality. After this, all attempts to contact him failed, and no further CCTV footage was available.

Chalerm, while hopeful, is deeply worried about his son’s well-being. He continually appeals to the public for any information that could lead to Ruchakorn’s whereabouts. The financial dispute at the school poses a significant concern, reported KhaoSod.

The police are actively investigating the situation, but so far, no substantial leads have emerged.

Anyone with information is urged to come forward.

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