Search efforts grow for missing lecturer at Srinakarin Dam

Search efforts grow for a university lecturer declared missing at Srinakarin Dam Reservoir (Image Courtesy of Khaosod).

The search for the missing 41 year old former university lecturer Jaturaphut, known as “Ajarn Toey,” has intensified with foundations from across the country rallying together. Efforts to locate him will span three days, from today to Sunday, with generous support ensuring three meals a day for the search teams.

Jaturaphut mysteriously disappeared while on a rafting trip with friends at the Srinakarin Dam Reservoir on May 18-19. Following his disappearance, his family filed a report with the Si Sawat Police Station.

More than 33 volunteer foundation units mobilised divers and equipment to search the reservoir area from June 8 to June 10. However, the initial search efforts for the missing lecturer concluded without success.

Last night, Sirirat Bumrungsana, the Si Sawat District Chief, informed Lieutenant Thotsaphol Chaikommin, the Governor of Kanchanaburi Province, that teams from various foundations involved in the initial search had coordinated to return to Si Sawat District to resume their search for Ajarn Toey.

The primary focus will be on underwater searches around the raft docking area in the middle of the reservoir. The search operation is set to run from today to Sunday, June 16, with 11 teams comprising 60 individuals. Si Sawat District has coordinated with the Srinakarin Dam to arrange accommodations and other necessary facilities for the search teams.

The search effort, under the campaign Si Sawat Cares (heart), received substantial support from local businesses, ensuring volunteers had enough food and water throughout the three-day operation, reported a local news station.

“The search for Ajarn Toey from June 14 to 16 has been supported with food and water from various organizations, ensuring three meals a day for the entire period.”

Despite exhaustive search efforts both on land and in water over the three days, Ajarn Toey’s whereabouts remain still unknown, leaving his family and friends in a state of anxious anticipation, reported Khaosod.

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