Thai beautician tops senator votes with 79 votes

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A 45 year old beautician emerged as one of the 200 newly elected senators, achieving the highest vote count with 79 votes. Her victory highlights a notable career in preventive medicine, skin and beauty expertise, and extensive advisory roles.

Chinnachot Saengsang secured 77 votes, Police Lieutenant General Yutthana Thaiphakdi received 76 votes, General Kriangkrai Srirak garnered 74 votes, and Sopon Manomaya obtained 73 votes, all placing high in the election.

The beauty expert, Dr Keskamol Pliensamai’s credentials include advising the House Committee on Law, Justice and Human Rights, and leading a working group focused on enhancing the Labour Ministry’s national competitiveness. Her business acumen is evident as she owns four beauty companies: Clinic Intergroup, Keskamol Dental Clinic, Inter Derma Laboratory, and Medical Pharma.

Dr Keskamol’s academic background is impressive. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Administration from California University and another PhD in Management and Resource Development from Maejo University. Additionally, she has completed advanced administrative development programmes and earned the Manager Award 2021 for outstanding business management from the Asean Business Association and Civil Society Council of Thailand.

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Dr Keskamol’s influence extends to television, where she has hosted the Sukkhaphap Dee programme on the 18 JKN channel and made multiple appearances on the Khun Mor Khor Tham TV programme. Her social media presence is substantial, with 287,000 followers on Instagram and 200,000 followers on TikTok, reflecting her broad appeal and influence, reported Bangkok Post.

In related news, renowned human rights activist and widow of kidnapped lawyer Somchai Neelapaijit, Angkhana Neelapaijit secured a seat in the Senate as a representative of the civil sector and NGOs. However, she has raised serious concerns about the integrity of the election process, alleging widespread fraud and vote manipulation in favour of certain candidates.

In other news, the Election Commission (EC)’s vote counting began at 9.40pm on Wednesday, June 26, and concluded around 5am on June 27, revealing the biggest political surprise of the year. With 2,989 candidates vying for seats, the new Senate will comprise 200 members from 20 professions, replacing the 250 junta-appointed senators whose term expired on May 10.

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