Defence Ministry: 44 advisers axed over bribery allegations

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Defence Minister Sutin Klungsang axed 44 of his advisers following bribery allegations. The move came after reports surfaced suggesting that some of his advisers were taking bribes from military units and related agencies.

Sutin, who signed the dismissal order on Monday, explained that he was “streamlining his team and optimising the work process.”

“Reports of bribery among some defence advisers made me realise that having too many advisers could lead to lapses in administrative oversight.”

The decision aims to prevent further damage while the ministry considers potential legal action against the implicated advisers.

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“Candidates to replace the dismissed advisers are being carefully vetted. After considering feedback from related parties, adjustments will be made to the new advisory team.”

This bold move reportedly followed input from senior political, business, and societal figures. Sutin, Thailand’s first civilian defence minister who is not concurrently serving as prime minister, is receiving praise for his transparency and proactive approach.

Analysts note that Sutin’s decisive action is a rare example of a minister acknowledging potential corruption within his close circles and taking immediate steps to address it, reported The Nation.

In related news, Red Bull energy drink magnate Chalerm Yoovidhya launched another defamation lawsuit, this time targeting a news outlet and four individuals, seeking 50 million baht in damages over bribery allegations.

Chalerm disputes claims made by Police Colonel Wirut Sirisawatibutr, a former police officer turned columnist for Sueb Jark Khao. The allegations suggest the tycoon paid a 300-million-baht bribe to shield his son, Vorayuth Yoovidhya aka Boss, from prosecution following a fatal incident in 2012 where Vorayuth hit a police officer on Sukhumvit Road near Thong Lor.

In other news, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration launched a disciplinary committee to investigate a shocking corruption case involving a high-ranking Public Works Department official. Anti-corruption police and the Public Sector Anti-Corruption Commission made headlines with the arrest of a key suspect in a major bribery scandal. Three other suspects were apprehended in coordinated raids.

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