Buriram police seize drugs and guns, suspect claims he found them

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Buriram police seized methamphetamine, firearms, and ammunition, from a drug dealer’s home, who claimed he found all the illegal items on the street, leading officers to stifle their laughter during the arrest.

Buriram Provincial Police Commander, Police Colonel Ruttaphon Naowarat, yesterday led a team to raid the home of a suspected drug dealer and confiscate various illegal items. The evidence, seized by Buriram’s drug suppression unit, included 111 methamphetamine pills, four handguns of various calibres, and multiple rounds of ammunition.

The officers recovered two pink and two blue methamphetamine packaging bags, wax paper, and mulberry paper. The firearms included a .22mm revolver, a .38mm revolver, a homemade gun, and various gun holsters. Additionally, they found 11 .38mm bullets, 50 11mm bullets, 50 380mm bullets, and one bulletproof vest.

The drug dealer, 27 year old Chin Narong was apprehended at his residence in the Mueang district of Buriram. During the arrest, he claimed he found all the items on the street and brought them home, prompting disbelief and amusement among the officers.

Police also seized assets connected to drug trafficking under the Narcotics Control Act. These included a Nissan car valued at 500,000 baht, a Honda motorcycle worth 40,000 baht, another Honda motorcycle valued at 50,000 baht, and a Yamaha motorcycle worth 15,000 baht, bringing the total value of the seized assets to 605,000 baht.

Police Colonel Ruttaphon emphasised that Buriram’s provincial police force targets both drug suppression and crime prevention. He highlighted the direct link between firearms and criminal activity, instructing all precincts to aggressively tackle both drug-related crimes and illegal weapons.

He stated that even if the suspect claims to have found the items, it is still illegal to keep them at home without notifying the authorities, reported KhaoSod.

In separate news, a 38 year old music teacher from a prestigious school in the Ekkamai area was taken to the Southern Bangkok Criminal Court for a remand hearing. Facing 10 serious sexual abuse charges, he was denied bail by investigators.

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