DDC declares no tomato flu outbreak in Thailand

Director-General of the Department of Disease Control (DDC) yesterday announced it is closely watching the ‘tomato flu’ situation after reports were made that about 100 cases have emerged in India.

Dr Opas Karnkawinpong, Director-General of the DDC, declared no cases have been reported in Thailand as yet after an outbreak emerged in the Kollam district of Kerala on May 6, in children under five years old. As of yesterday, about 100 cases have been reported but no deaths recorded.

Children under the age of five are particularly vulnerable to the disease because the virus is easily spread by touch, such as touching unclean surfaces or putting things in the mouth.

The initial symptoms are flu-like, namely fever, aches, pains, and later a rash. The rash appears red and blistered like a tomato. The disease is not related to eating tomatoes in any way. It is assumed that the epidemiological characteristics and symptoms of childhood illnesses are similar to those that are common in children.

Dr Opas added tomato flu is not a new infectious disease.

“Based on the preliminary information available it can be said that the situation of tomato flu is still not a concern. There are no reported cases of cases in Thailand. And the disease is spreading in a limited range. The screening and treatment process in the country can be done in the same way as treating hand, foot, and mouth diseases in children.

“At present, there are both screening test kits. Medicines in hospitals in the country at all levels and during this rainy season cool and humid germs are easily spread. We, therefore, ask for the cooperation of parents to be careful and take care of their children closely. Regularly clean children’s toys and the areas where children live to reduce pathogens in the environment.”

SOURCE: The Standard

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