Man’s drug-induced hallucinations terrorise local community

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Residents in a local community are living in fear due to a man experiencing severe drug-induced hallucinations, who has been causing disturbances and property damage. Despite repeated police interventions, the issue remains unresolved as hospitals refuse to admit him.

Footage captured by a security camera on the morning of July 7 shows a thin man shouting and causing a commotion. A gunshot-like sound is heard, followed by the man throwing a black bag in frustration before walking away. Social media posts from the Facebook page Social Hunter 2022 highlight the community’s desperate pleas for help, as the man continues to wreak havoc.

A resident, identified only as Ya (a pseudonym), reported that the man’s erratic behaviour had escalated over the past week.

“He likes to smash bottles and throw things at houses. This morning, he came to our house with a knife while the family was at work, leaving only two older women at home. They had to live in constant fear.”

The man resides near Saphan Ruam 2 and frequently returns with a knife, making threats and causing disturbances, added Ya.

“He was making noise all night long. It was not until 8am that authorities took him away. But even when he’s apprehended, no one knows where to take him because the hospitals won’t accept him.

The community has been left in a state of distress, questioning what steps can be taken if hospitals refuse to admit individuals like this man. Who will take responsibility if hospitals won’t? The burden falls on the residents. When we went to the police station, there were no answers, just a promise to handle it. But we woke up to find him still around, Ya lamented.

Efforts to resolve the situation have so far proven ineffective. Despite notifying the authorities five days ago, the man continues to roam the neighbourhood, perpetuating a cycle of fear and anxiety among the residents, reported Khaosod.

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