Couple found dead in car in Suan Luang, Bangkok

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A couple was found dead in a parked car on Phatthanakan Soi 12 in Bangkok with the engine running until the fuel was exhausted. CCTV footage revealed they had entered the vehicle after leaving their workplace. The incident occurred around 8.20pm yesterday.

Police Lieutenant Sirichai Kaewprasith from Khlong Tan Police Station responded to the discovery of two bodies, one male and one female, inside a white Mazda sedan. The car was parked near the entrance of Phatthanakan Soi 12 in Suan Luang District, Bangkok. Accompanied by Police Colonel Wachirakorn Wongboon and the Ruam Katanyu Foundation, police arrived at the scene to investigate.

The vehicle, a white Mazda with the licence plate ชภ 6664 Bangkok, was found next to Isan Tawandang Restaurant. Inside, 27 year old Vilaiwan Wantana, a dancer at the restaurant, was found dead in the driver’s seat, reclined as if sleeping. In the passenger seat, 24 year old Niroj Phonphan, a waiter at the same establishment, was also found dead. The car’s fuel gauge indicated the tank was empty, suggesting the engine had been running until the fuel was depleted.

Preliminary autopsies conducted by forensic doctors from Chulalongkorn Hospital and the Central Forensic Science Division of the Royal Thai Police found no visible injuries. It is estimated that the pair had been dead for approximately 12 hours. The bodies were subsequently handed over to the Ruam Katanyu Foundation for a detailed autopsy at Chulalongkorn Hospital’s forensic department.

CCTV footage showed Vilaiwan leaving the restaurant around 2am, during closing time, and getting into the car. Niroj followed shortly after. By the evening, both were discovered lifeless in the vehicle.

Vatcharachai Chupan, Vilaiwan’s brother, began searching for his sister around 11am after she failed to return home the previous night. He had tried calling her but received no response. Initially, upon seeing the car parked near the restaurant in the morning, he assumed she was inside the establishment, as she often took a taxi home when drunk. He did not check the car at that time.

Shocking discovery

Later, upon inquiring with the restaurant staff, he learned that Vilaiwan had left the previous night, leading him to believe she might have gone to her boyfriend’s place. He continued with his day, but by evening, he still couldn’t reach her. Returning to the restaurant, he checked the car and found his sister and Niroj dead inside, prompting him to contact the police.

Vatcharachai speculated that the pair might have started the car’s engine to sleep off their intoxication, leading to the engine shutting off once the fuel ran out, causing them to suffocate. However, a detailed autopsy is awaited to confirm the exact cause of death, reported KhaoSod.

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