Thai community in shock as teacher faces molestation allegations

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Shock reverberated throughout a local community as allegations surfaced against a schoolteacher accused of attempting to molest a 10 year old student in her own home, not once but twice. The child’s grandmother caught the perpetrator in the act, leading to a confession and subsequent police report. However, the case shows no progress, raising concerns about justice being served.

In a small village tucked within the boundaries of Phetchabun Province, a disturbing tale of betrayal unfolds, implicating a trusted educator in acts of indecency. The teacher, known only by the pseudonym Ai, reportedly pushed Bow, a 10 year old student, into a bathroom with the intent to commit an indecent act.

The first incident occurred on March 14, when Ai rode by on a motorcycle and feigned the need to use the bathroom at Bow’s residence. Seizing the opportunity, he forced Bow into the bathroom and attempted to molest her. The second and most recent incident took place on March 22, around 12.30pm, when Ai again visited Bow’s grandmother’s house under the pretence of fixing a pair of pants.

After engaging with the child and inviting her and the grandmother to eat, he found a moment when the adults were distracted to push Bow into the bathroom once more and repeat his previous actions. However, Bow’s grandmother, Som, called out for her granddaughter, prompting Ai to release Bow and exit the bathroom shortly after, claiming a need to return to school for urgent work.

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When pressed by Som for an explanation of Bow’s disappearance, Bow admitted to being pushed into the bathroom by Ai and faced an attempted assault, marking the second occurrence of such an incident. Upon learning the truth, Som escorted Bow to the Wang Pong Police Station to file a complaint. Despite their efforts, there has been no advancement in the case, leaving Som worried about the possibility of justice being denied.

After the second incident, Som confronted Ai, who initially denied any wrongdoing. However, after she revealed that Bow had recounted everything, Ai admitted his guilt, apologised and begged for forgiveness, claiming his actions were merely playful teasing and not sexually motivated, reported KhaoSod.

Unconvinced by this explanation, Som reported the matter to the police. Yet, with the case stalled, she now turns to the media in the hope of prompting action and ensuring that her granddaughter receives the justice she deserves.

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