Coldplay concert buzz dampened by cannabis fumes in Bangkok

Photo courtesy of coldplay (Instagram)

The recent Coldplay concert in Bangkok, part of their Music Of The Spheres World Tour, left an indelible mark on many Thai fans. However, the event was marred by some attendees by the pervasive smell of cannabis.

Artist Copter Panuwat encountered this issue firsthand, expressing his dissatisfaction and calling for more stringent control over public cannabis consumption. His concerns resonated with many on social media, who echoed the sentiment that while some may find cannabis use to be trendy, it can be a nuisance and health hazard to others.

The celebrated British band Coldplay’s concert at the Rajamangala Stadium was an unforgettable experience for many Thai fans. The concert, held at one of Bangkok’s most prestigious venues, was part of a world tour that drew massive crowds, eager to see the globally renowned musicians perform live.

The event had been highly anticipated, and for most, it lived up to expectations with its stunning audiovisuals and powerful performances, reported KhaoSod.

Coldplay concert buzz dampened by cannabis fumes in Bangkok | News by Thaiger
Photo courtesy of Copter (Instagram)

However, not everyone shared in the collective euphoria. Copter, a young artist, took to social media to air his grievances about an aspect of the concert experience that significantly dampened his enjoyment.

He had looked forward to the event, only to find his experience soured by the widespread smell of cannabis in the air. In a post-concert reflection, Copter lamented the lack of consideration shown by fellow concert-goers who partook in recreational cannabis use within the venue.

Cannabis stench

Copter’s observations sparked a broader conversation about the implications of Thailand’s relatively new and liberal approach to cannabis. He pointed out that even in the higher tiers of the stadium seating, far removed from the general admission areas, the odour of cannabis was inescapable. This detracted from the immersive concert experience, as he encountered waves of the smell intermittently throughout the show.

Copter’s frustration was not just with the individuals who chose to smoke cannabis but also with what he perceives as a societal shift in Thailand. He questioned the lack of enforcement of public consumption laws and suggested that the country’s reputation could suffer, becoming a destination for those seeking to consume cannabis freely. His critique extended to the authorities, urging Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin and Minister of Public Health Cholnan Srikaew to pay attention to this issue.

The social media response to Copter’s post was significant. Many users agreed with his stance, voicing their discomfort with the normalisation of cannabis in public spaces. They highlighted the contradictions in security measures, where personal items like water bottles are restricted, yet cannabis and electronic cigarettes seem to pass through checks unnoticed.

One user even remarked on the irony of how some perceive cannabis use as cool, despite it causing discomfort to others. This sentiment was echoed many times over, with numerous individuals relaying their own experiences of discomfort due to secondhand cannabis smoke at the concert.

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