Chinese tourist’s fatal plunge at Pam Bok waterfall underscores safety importance

Photo courtesy of The Pattaya News.

In the serene province of Mae Hong Son, an unfortunate incident unfolded at the Pam Bok waterfall in Pai, on December 31. A 52 year old Chinese visitor named Peng Xin met an untimely demise after a fatal fall from 10 metres at the waterfall. The distressing event surfaced at 3.30pm when the Pai police were alerted about the incident.

Upon receiving the report, Thai forest officers swiftly responded to the distress call and proceeded to the waterfall. Post their diligent search, they were successful in locating the body of Peng Xin. He had arrived at the waterfall in the company of his sister, intending to spend a leisurely day amidst nature’s beauty. However, a slip led to the fatal plunge, ending the day on a tragic note.

Officers did not find any conspicuous signs of struggle or attack on Peng Xin’s body, which might have indicated a different cause of death. Despite this preliminary observation, an official statement by the Thai forest officers pointed out that Peng Xin and his sister had ventured into the Pam Bok waterfall area without securing the requisite permissions from the authorities, reported Pattaya News.

This aspect of the incident was underscored to highlight the importance of adhering to safety regulations and securing authorised permissions before embarking on such adventures.

Following the initial investigation at the accident site, the body was transferred to the Pai Hospital. A comprehensive autopsy will be performed there to ascertain the precise cause behind the unfortunate incident. This is a standard protocol in such cases to rule out any other possible reasons that could have contributed to the tragic outcome.

In related news, tragedy struck in Phuket as a speedboat carrying Russian tourists, including a five year old, crashed at Koh Maithon. The new year’s celebration turned sombre, highlighting the critical need for safety.

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