Chinese national’s lost gold Cartier bracelet found in Phuket

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A valuable gold Cartier bracelet, worth approximately 750,000 baht, was reported missing by a Chinese national on Thalang Road in Phuket late on Thursday evening.

The Chinese man, 45 year old Wang Lei, expressed his gratitude to the local police force for their quick action in locating and returning his lost property.

Wang approached the Phuket City Police shortly after midnight yesterday, claiming to have misplaced the bracelet after parking opposite the Old Town Boutique Guesthouse Hotel on Thalang Road around 11pm the previous night.

The man requested the authorities to review the CCTV footage from the vicinity in order to trace the bracelet, which held not just a hefty monetary value of approximately 150,000 yuan (around 750,000 baht), but also considerable sentimental value, being a wedding gift.

Phuket City Police officers, in collaboration with Phuket Tourist Police, accompanied Wang to the spot where he believed he had lost the bracelet yesterday morning. Together, they examined the CCTV footage from the area.

The footage revealed a young woman from Myanmar, employed as a salesperson in the vicinity, finding the bracelet. The police successfully managed to track her down and retrieve the bracelet.

By afternoon, Wang Lei was back at the Phuket City Police Station, receiving his lost bracelet in the presence of Phuket City Police Chief Police Colonel Prathuang Phonmana.

In acknowledgement of their efforts, the Chinese man expressed his appreciation for the police and the good citizens who had assisted in finding his bracelet. He commended the Thai police for their prompt action and expressed his love for Thailand, reported Phuket News.

However, it was not clearly stated in the reports whether Wang Lei was in Thailand as a tourist.

In related news, a 31 year old man from Hong Kong has been apprehended in the tourist hotspot of Phuket. The arrest occurred in a car park close to the iconic Phuket Big Buddha, officially known as Phra Phutta Ming Mongkol Eknakakiri, on Nakkerd Hill in the Mueang district’s Karon Subdistrict on Wednesday at around 5pm.

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