Chinese couple accused of damaging Thai woman’s Bangkok home

Photo via Channel 3.

A concerned Thai mother urged Channel 3 to publicise the disturbing behaviour of a Chinese couple after she accused them of causing chaos and damage to her daughter’s house in Soi Chalerm Prakiat 28 in the Prawet district of Bangkok.

The mother, Arporn, told the media that her daughter had lived alone in the house for more than 10 years without any issues. However, the troubles began about five years ago when a Chinese couple moved in next door.

The conflict between the couple and their daughter began when the daughter refused to renovate the fence separating the two houses. The daughter urged the Chinese couple to build a new fence on their premises instead of renovating the old one because the daughter was worried that the construction would affect the structure of her house.

Arporn told the media about all the disturbing incidents. She claimed that the Chinese man stood in front of the house to prevent her daughter from going to work, that the couple often shouted vulgarities in front of the house, and that they also put their hands through the fence to open the water tap in the garden.

According to Arporn, the most recent incident, that prompted her to seek help from the media, was the stone-throwing. CCTV cameras at the house show the couple throwing stones at her daughter’s house, breaking two glass windows.

Arporn said this happened when she, her husband and her son were visiting their daughter. The broken glass injured her face and her son’s hands.

Police complaint

Arporn said she filed a complaint against the couple at Udomsuk Police Station but officers tried to get them to settle the case to avoid legal action.

The Udomsuk Police Station office said they saw that the two were neighbours and thought it would be worse if a legal case was filed. They attempted to mediate between the warring factions but the tension between the two parties has increased and there has been no compromise on either side.

According to officers, The Thai family filed a complaint against the Chinese couple, accusing them of damaging property and attempting to cause bodily harm while the Chinese couple filed the same complaint against the Thai party.

The officials did not reveal what the next step would be and the Chinese couple’s lawyer also refused to give an interview.

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