Chiang Rai accident victims struggle with costs as drunk driver offers minimal compensation

A tragic accident involving a drunk driver in an Isuzu D-Max, who collided with a motorbike, has resulted in serious injuries and financial hardship for the victims. The incident occurred in Chiang Rai on July 30, around 10pm, when Jidapa, a local shopkeeper, and her sister-in-law were returning home.

The collision caused both women to be thrown in different directions, with Jidapa suffering injuries including a skull fracture, a large wound on her right arm, a broken leg, and a dislocated hip. Her sister-in-law’s injuries were equally severe, with a broken leg, fractured hip, and loss of a foot due to tissue necrosis.

Jidapa recounts the offender visiting the hospital only twice, for about ten minutes each time, bringing small gifts of milk, snacks, and fruit. After spending 22 days in the hospital, Jidapa was shocked to learn that the offender was only willing to pay 100,000 baht each as compensation, claiming he had no more money after spending around 200,000 baht on car repairs.

Unsatisfied with the amount, Jidapa requested additional compensation for her damaged motorbike. The offender agreed to pay an additional 48,000 baht in exchange for the ownership of the bike. Since the incident, the offender has resumed his daily life, operating his two soup stalls, and enjoying leisure activities, while Jidapa and her sister-in-law struggle with their injuries and mounting medical costs.

Having sold her savings of seven gold bars for approximately 200,000 baht to cover her medical treatment, lawyer fees, and other expenses, Jidapa is unable to work due to her injuries. Her right-hand fingers are unusable, and she lacks confidence, avoiding mirrors for two to three months due to the facial injuries she sustained.

Her sister-in-law, unable to walk, is now cared for by her brother who had to quit his job. They have had to borrow approximately 60,000 baht to cover their costs.

Six months on, no charges have been brought against the offender. The victim of another accident involving the same offender received just 30,000 baht in compensation. Jidapa is now hoping for assistance from the Ministry of Justice, as she has lost hope in both the offender and the slow-moving police investigation.

Final Message

In a final message to the offender, Jidapa urges him not to repeat his actions, to take responsibility for his actions, and to consider the irreversible damage and trauma he has caused. She warns others about the dangers of drink driving, hoping that no one else experiences the pain and suffering she has endured, reported KhaoSod.

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