Bangkok monk faces backlash for flaunting lavish lifestyle

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A prominent Facebook page shared a post featuring a well-known Bangkok monk flaunting a luxurious lifestyle, using two high-end mobile phones and purchasing a diamond bracelet worth 185,000 baht. Just another day and another story of a monk in Thailand subverting the simple Buddhist teachings of discipline, simplicity, and mindfulness.

The post, shared yesterday, highlights the extravagant behaviours of the monk, who serves as a secretary at a famous temple in central Bangkok.

Details of the monk’s indulgences include using two expensive mobile phones simultaneously and dining at a shabu restaurant. The post also shows the monk enjoying drinks at a popular coffee shop and completing bank transactions involving tens of thousands of baht, captioning the moments with comments such as ‘feeling lonely.’

The most controversial part of the post, however, is an image of a receipt showing the purchase of a Cartier diamond bracelet for 185,000 baht. The receipt reveals that the monk used a credit card to buy the luxurious item, which has sparked significant criticism for its perceived impropriety.

According to Cartier’s official website, the bracelet in question appears to be a small Juste un Clou model in rose gold, adorned with 20 brilliant-cut diamonds. This matches the details on the receipt, confirming the authenticity of the costly purchase.

The post has ignited widespread discussion online, with many questioning the appropriateness of such lavish spending by a monk. Critics argue that the monk’s actions are contradictory to the principles of modesty and humility traditionally associated with monastic life.

Some commentators criticised the monk’s behaviour, stating that embracing such luxuries contradicts the teachings of Buddha, and adding that monks should instead set an example of simplicity and spirituality.

The controversy also prompted discussions about the broader issue of materialism within the monastic community.

Despite the backlash, some argue that the monk’s expenditures should not be subjected to public scrutiny. They contend that everyone, including monks, has the right to privacy and personal choice.

This incident has undoubtedly stirred a significant debate about the intersection of religious life and material wealth. It remains to be seen how the temple and religious authorities will respond to the growing calls for action.

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