CCTV footage of attempted rape case at massage shop in Bangkok deleted

Photo via Facebook/ เอกรัตน์ นาคประดิษฐ์

Officers from Chana Songkham Police Station yesterday investigated the attempted rape of a Japanese woman at a massage shop on Ram Buttri Road near Khao San Road in Bangkok.

CCTV footage of the incident was reported to have been deleted and the masseur in question has resigned from the shop.

The 23 year old Japanese woman took to Twitter to recount her experience when the Thai masseur allegedly attempted to rape her in February. Moreover, the Thai police ignored her original complaint.

Her post was translated into Thai by a Thai Twitter user capturing the attention of many netizens. They demanded the massage shop and police officers conducted an investigation and clarify the issue.

The superintendent of Chana Songkham Police Station, Sanong Saengmanee, visited the massage shop, Tong Ou, to investigate the claim and question its staff members.

The shop was reported to be a two-storey building. The first floor was transformed into a massage room. There were four beds placed in line, and each bed is separated by a curtain. In front of the shop, several chairs are provided to ensure customers’ comfort as they wait their turn.

A female staff member stated that she had been on duty when she heard the Japanese woman cry out in distress. She rushed to ask the masseur what had happened, and the man told her that he just performed an ordinary massage on the Japanese woman’s tights and would finish the process within five minutes.

The female staff member disclosed that she believed the masseur as there was a massage method that was performed near the tights. She was unable to communicate directly with the Japanese woman due to the language barrier, so she did not know the truth about the issue.

Superintendent Sanong revealed that the police officers could not obtain the CCTV footage capturing the alleged incident because it had been automatically deleted by the system. Moreover, the masseur in question had resigned.

Move Forward Party MP Paramart Witthayarak also joined the investigation with the police yesterday. Paramart stated that he had contacted the Japanese victim but could not obtain much information due to the language barrier. He added that he would get an interpreter to talk with the victim to get her complete testimony.

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Photo via Facebook/ เอกรัตน์ นาคประดิษฐ์


ORIGINAL STORY: Japanese customer accuses Thai masseur of attempted rape in Bangkok

A Japanese woman took to Twitter to share a story that a Thai masseur attempted to rape her while providing a service at a massage parlour near Khao San Road in Bangkok. The female shop owner defended her male employee, telling police that inserting a finger into a woman’s vagina is part of the service.

A Thai Twitter user, @Reiriesz, translated the Japanese victim’s post and shared it on Twitter yesterday, June 12. The 23 year old Japanese woman revealed that she visited the massage shop, later identified as Tong Ou massage shop on Ram Buttri Road near Khao San, with her Chinese boyfriend in February.

At the shop, the couple were offered separate services. A Thai masseur, allegedly named Mai Nirakthai, was assigned to provide a service for her. Suddenly while performing the massage, the man sexually assaulted her by putting his finger into her vagina. She was shocked and screamed for help.

She then contacted officers from Chana Songkham Police Station. After two hours passed, no officers arrived at the scene, so, she managed to drag the masseur to Chana Songkham Police Station, which is only 500 metres away from the incident scene

According to the victim, the police did not question the masseur in her presence. They talked privately in another room. The man returned and shouted at the alleged victim saying that it was her fault. Shockingly, the shop owner defended the masseur’s actions, stating that putting a finger into her vagina was a part of the massage process.

The shop owner even dared the victim to demonstrate how the man sexually assaulted her to convince her and the police that the service is normal.

The Japanese woman did not give up and reported the assault to the Thai embassy. Police officers urged her to visit the police station again the next day. However, the police station was closed when she arrived. The woman said…

“The idea that you report a crime to the police only works in Japan, not Thailand. Even if you are raped or killed, you have to take care of yourself. Be careful everyone.”

The victim added that the other staff members did not doubt her claim and did not seem shocked, as if it was a common practice at the massage shop.

One Thai Twitter commented on the post that her female friend was raped at a massage shop in Thailand. The shop looked very credible and luxurious but could not guarantee the safety of the customers.

An update has yet to be provided by the police, the Thai embassy or the massage shop.


Japanese woman victim of sexual assault massage shop Khap San Road
The complaint is on the police record. | Photo via Twitter/ @de_Bilitis


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