Castaway farang rescued from Thailand’s waters (video)

Screenshots via TikTok user @thaksaporn.30

In a TikTok clip that looks like a sequel to the movie Castaway, a group of Thai tourists on a fishing trip found a foreigner floating on a makeshift wooden raft in the middle of the sea off the coast of Koh Kood in Trat province, southern Thailand, yesterday.

The woman who filmed the clip chartered a boat to go out fishing for squid when she and her friends spotted a wooden raft floating in the middle of the sea. As she got closer, she noticed luggage on the raft, and then she spotted a man. The TikToker wrote a message, “Where are you going to float?”

Balanced on the raft with his belongings, the floating farang didn’t appear to be in any trouble or danger. In fact, he looked extremely relaxed. The foreign man allegedly made the raft himself from palm trees.

The Thai boat operators were concerned for the farang’s safety as they said a storm was coming and if he didn’t make it back to shore, he possibly wouldn’t survive.

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Then, another boat with marines on board arrives and pulls the raft back to shore, along with the foreigner and his luggage, as seen in the clip

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CH3 aired a scene from Castaway where Tom Hanks is floating on a raft in the sea and put it beside the TikTok clip for comparison.

Last year, a Vietnamese man blinded by love attempted to paddle an inflatable boat 2500 kilometres from Phuket to India to see his lover that he met online.

Thai marines found and rescued 37 year old Ho Huang Hung around 80 kilometres away from the shore of Phuket after he floated at sea for 18 days. At that rate, it would have taken him another 625 days to reach India.

With 10 packs of noodles, a tank of water and some luggage, Hung had enough provisions to survive a little longer, but not for another 20 months.

It turns out the Vietnamese man was “catfished” anyway. The person he fell in love with online and was prepared to risk his life for was using pictures of a famous Indian actress.

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