Bumrungrad Hospital battles online investment scam

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Bumrungrad Hospital executives in Bangkok filed a complaint with the Cyber Police, targeting a fraudulent page that falsely claimed to represent the hospital in an online investment scam. Atirat Ratanakijpipat, CEO of Bumrungrad Hospital, yesterday, January 30, along with the management team, met with high-ranking Cyber Police officials to initiate legal action against the perpetrators who created the fake page.

Swindlers impersonated Bumrungrad Hospital by using various data, including photos of the CEO, to create fake social media accounts on Facebook Page and Line applications. These scammers claimed that the hospital was offering investment opportunities with quick and high returns, including the sale of stock funds. They often boosted their fraudulent posts on Facebook and instructed potential victims to add a Line account that they had set up.

Once contact was made, the fraudsters enticed their victims with the promise of lucrative investment returns. However, once money was transferred, the victims were unable to withdraw their funds, and eventually, the scammers would sever all contact.

In response to these crimes, Cyber Police have been urged by Deputy Commissioner General Roy Inkhapairoj, also head of the Technology Crime Suppression Division (TCSD), and the Anti-Fake News Center to expedite their investigation and apprehend those involved for legal prosecution due to the significant impact on the public, including the risk of many being deceived, reported KhaoSod.

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The Cyber Police are currently conducting field investigations to gather evidence and proceed with the legal process. Meanwhile, Bumrungrad Hospital and its management team, including Atirat, have issued a warning to the public not to be deceived by the fake pages. They clarified that neither Atirat nor the hospital’s management team has ever offered public investment opportunities through their Facebook Page or any other social media platforms.

Victims of such fraudulent schemes can report their cases through the online reporting system at www.thaipoliceonline.go.th or consult with the Cyber Police hotline at 1441, available 24 hours a day.

In related news, Thailand’s PM, after falling victim to online fraud, urged heightened vigilance. A dedicated hotline was initiated to combat scams effectively. Read more about Thailand’s efforts to combat online fraud.

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