Bollywood actor to become monk for 15 days, wants to promote Buddhism in India

A Bollywood actor who recently ordained into monkhood in Bangkok said he wants to spread the message of Buddhism in India. In a Facebook post, he said it was time for him to learn Dhamma, understand impermanence, gain knowledge, and “roll the wheel of Dhamma in India.” The actor, Gagan Malik, will only live as a monk for 15 days, but he’s serious about spreading Buddhist teachings.

In 2013, along with a Buddhist producer, Malik launched the “Lotus World” Project, an NGO in Sri Lanka that works to spread Buddhism all over the world. The organisation follows three core principles: goodness, friendship, and mindfulness. Malik said that playing Buddha in a movie completely changed his life and attitude, and inspired him to start the Lotus World project. Malik wanted to teach children the joy of helping others, so at the project launch, he gave out books that kids could record their daily good deeds in.

Malik’s film where he played Buddha won him the Best Actor award at the World Buddhist Film Festival by the UN in 2014.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post | People Pill | Google Arts and Culture

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Tara Abhasakun

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